We work differently that many recruitment companies. We believe in that the candidates have tremendous value for us and our clients; therefore we also treat our candidates with respects like you will see a higher level of communication with our recruiters than you normal see.

As your partner, we understand that finding your next job that truly matches your career objectives is not just about aligning your theoretically ballast and practical experience with a job description. It is about knowing your values, personal visions and finding you an opportunity that is the right fit, and therefore our psychologist also evaluates your competencies, skills, behavior, absorptions level and other key focus areas related to our client. This to match the company culture, the company believesw11w, the management, the departments, the team and if there are any individual requirements.

And no; we just don’t look at the last two jobs. And no; we do read all the applications we get with our own eyes, we don’t use robots or digital systems to look after individual words in your request or your curriculum Vitae.  And no; we don’t use video interview, because of we don’t believe in this is working. And no; we don’t ask you only to send us two pages CV if you feel your CV is better matching 4-8 pages, it’s your choice.

The more we know about you, the better we can evaluate you.

All humans will be evaluated by humans, and our specialists who do this is all educated as a psychologist.

Starting your search with us, you will receive exceptional consultation and service at every stage of the process.

We are here to help you get prepared and put your best foot forward, along with our values. By being your real listener, we are able to understand your career aspirations. We know no ones likes to be left wondering their future, so we will always be here to keep you up-to-date throughout the hiring process.

We have been in the marked since 1986 and do have a huge network, and many have been candidates with us for many years.

Join us to connect with these opportunities and stand out from the crowd.

We kindly ask you to note we only work with three categories of jobs in Abilities International:

  • Senior Management; CEO, COO, GM & MD
  • Senior finance
  • Senior Human Resources Management

Out sister company 4selection take care of all other positions, so do you not match those three categories, click her and get to 4selections website. 

We welcome you to connect with us on the social media:


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